WE'VE MOVED!  We are now located at the Jones Family Chiropractic Center 17090 Avondale Way NE, Redmond, WA 98052


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I am the owner & licensed esthetician of Vital Skin Studio. I am a graduate of Euro Institute of Skin Care where I received my international certification in European Skin Care inclusive of Traditional and Naturopathic techniques. I also received my certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Spa Body Work.


I spent half my childhood living in the South Pacific on a small island called Majuro in the Micronesia Atoll and later on Oahu when my father joined the Navy. As a result of all that sunshine and lack of a protective sunscreen, I started to pay more attention to the effects of the UVA/UVB rays later in life. I became an esthetician out of an interest of not only protecting my skin but educating others too.


Along with a little education, my focus with Vital Skin Studio is to provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can be pampered. I'll work with you on achieving your skin care goals and coming up with a homecare plan that will keep your skin nourished and hydrated in between facials.