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For daily use whenever you wash your face or need a boost of hydration. Botanical extracts nourish and balance your skin and help protect you from redness and inflammation. Extracts of arnica, goldenseal, and witch-hazel soothe and help to fight surface bacteria after cleansing when your skin is most vulnerable. A low concentration of glycolic acid balances, helps unclog pores and gently exfoliates.
BOTNIA Hydrosol
Specifically designed for daily use with even the most sensitive of skin types. This botanical-rich toner balances your skin and helps to reduce inflammation and redness. By formulating this product primarily from gentle hydrosols, we have created a treatment that smells amazing and never causes irritation. Rose, geranium, and neroli hydrosols soothe, protect, and balance your skin without causing inflammation. Witch-hazel extract acts as an astringent to reduce redness and the signs of aging.
BOTNIA Rose Water Hydrosol
Pure orange blossom (neroli) distillate infused with soothing antimicrobial neem leaves, calendula flowers and stevia leaves. Stevia is also a natural skin humectant. The subtle balancing qualities of neroli distillate for skin are calming, rejuvenating and antimicrobial. The aroma of neroli is uplifting and is said to help alleviate depression and remove anxiety. The Carnelian gemstone included in every bottle subtly releases it’s energetic properties that warm and uplift the spirit.
ISUN Neroli Hydrosol 50mL
Pure rose distillate is infused with rejuvenating rose petals and buds, ginseng leaves and stevia, a natural skin humectant and antimicrobial. The subtle balancing qualities of rose distillate for skin are revitalizing, nourishing and soothing. The aroma of rose is calming and inspiring and is said to elevate consciousness and open the heart energy. The Rose Quartz crystal included in every bottle subtly releases it’s energetic properties that nurture feelings of well-being and loving kindness.
ISUN Rose Hydrosol 50mL