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ISUN Phyto-Cleanse II 50mL


Fragrant lavender, sage & lemon tea tree oils purify & refresh skin in a hydrating gelé blend of pure plant distillates & calming, antimicrobial herbs. (pH 5.5)

• No sulfates or harsh detergents
• Helps eliminate bacteria on skin's surface
• Hydrates and soothes skin
• For normal, combination, oily and blemished skin
• Use 2-3 pumps with water to cleanse. Rinse well.

Herb-Infused Aloe Vera Gel (*Aloe vera, *Lavender fl, *Lemon balm lvs, *Neem lvs, *Rosemary lvs, *Echinacea fl, *Green tea lvs, *Life Everlasting fl, *Calendula fl, *Comfrey lvs, *Malva fl); Saponified olive oil; Vegetable glycerin; *Rosemary distillate; *Lavender distillate; *Goji berry ext; *Acai ext; Aspen bark extract; Xanthan gum; *Lavender oil; *Sage oil; *Lemon tea tree oil; *Rosemary oleoresin

*Organic or Wildcrafted