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ISUN Rose Hydrosol 50mL


Pure rose distillate is infused with rejuvenating rose petals and buds, ginseng leaves and stevia, a natural skin humectant and antimicrobial. The subtle balancing qualities of rose distillate for skin are revitalizing, nourishing and soothing. The aroma of rose is calming and inspiring and is said to elevate consciousness and open the heart energy. The Rose Quartz crystal included in every bottle subtly releases it’s energetic properties that nurture feelings of well-being and loving kindness.

• Skin regenerating
• Soothing, calming and hydrating
• Mood elevating and soothing.
• For all skin types - Ideal for maturing skin

Mist on cleansed skin before applying moisturizer

*Pure Rose distillate infused with *Rose petals, *Ginko leaves and *Stevia leaves; *Aloe vera gel; Aspen bark extract; Glycerin; Panthenol (pro-vitaminB5); Rose Quartz Crystal

*Organic or Wildcrafted